Er. Kushal  Kumar  Malhotra ( B.E. Civil)
Chairman-Cum-Managing  Director

In 39 years of his experience, he has  more than 34 years of experience in the field of various Underground & Surface Hydro-electric Projects e.g. NathapaJhakri  Project (1500 MW),  Larji  Project (126 MW), Bhaba  Project (120 MW),  Khauli  Project (12 MW), Uhl Project (100 MW), SawraKuddu Project (110 MW) , Dunali Hydro-electric Project (5 MW), Kut Hydro-electric Project (5 MW), Sup Hydro-electric Project (2 MW),Uhl Hydro-electric Project (5 MW), Ganvi Stage-II Project (10 MW) in HPSEB &Dunali Project(5MW) , Kut ( 5 MW), Sup ( 2 MW), Kurtha ( 5MW) , Kuril ( 5(MW), Chonned 15 (MW), Hul ( 4.5 MW), Kurpan – II ( 4.8MW) , Shat ( 3MW) , Chharor (2MW)UHL (14 MW ), Neri (5 MW) & 400 Kw to 2 MW 11 projects of  KREDA  in private sector. In these projects, he has been involved in Planning, Structural Design, Tendering, award of contracts, preparation of Construction Drawings & construction of various components of the projects and Infrastructural works. He has done Instrumentation work for NathpaJhakri&Bhaba Projects and has prepared Feasibility Reports for Rampur Hydelproject  (439 MW)&Kol Dam Hydel project (800 MW). He has also prepared & scrutinized the Tender Documents for National & International Competitive Bids for various components of Hydel Projects.

In addition to above, he has 5 years’ experience in Planning, Design and Construction of housing Colonies .


Miss Natasha Malhotra(M.B.A.)
Director (Administration)

Working  as the Director Admin of  KMN  Engineering  Consultants  pvt.Ltd.Since  June  2010 and handling all the administrative and financial matters .

Full time Four and a half year programme with dual specialization in International Business and Human Resource at Amity International Business School, Amity University, Noida.

Projects Undertaken:

Research on “Attrition and Its Impacts”, Causes of attrition in Club Mahindra Measures taken to handle attrition, Retention strategies, Research project on Compensation in Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. And Reliance Insurance, Basic Compensation Structure and detailed study of its different attributes, Study of difference in compensation structure based on industry type. Research Project on ‘Psychology of Change Management’. Challenges in today’s organizations regarding managing change Decision of changing people or way the existing people work – to bring in the desired change Research Analysis written on ‘Paradigm Shift in Employee Relation (IR) in the changing Business Scenario’ Historical Evolution of IR, Labour Legislation in India,21st Century IR, Future of IR Research Project on ‘McDonald’s Marketing Strategies in India’ Mc Donald’s India Launch, How the company evolved its marketing in India?

Er. Anil Datta (Civil Engineer, PG in structural design from IIT Kanpur)

Ex- Member Civil H.P State Electricity Board Ltd

He more than 34 years’ experience in the field of various Underground Surface Hydro-electric Projects e.g. Nathapa  Jhakri Project (1500 MW, Larji Project (126 MW), Bhaba Project (120 MW, KhauliProject (12 MW), Uhl Project (100 MW), Sawra Kuddu Project (110 MW). In these projects, he has been involved in Planning, Structural Design, Tendering, award of contracts, preparation of Construction Drawings & construction of various components of the projects and Infrastructural works.

(Civil Engineer, B.E. Civil, P.G. Diploma in Water Resources Development/Master of engineering Water Resources Development/Diploma in Personal Management)

He has prepared DPR’s for Bhaba HEP (120 MW), 412 MW Rampur HEP, Luhri HEP (775 MW), Dhaulasidh HEP (60 MW) all in Himachal Pradesh and Devsari HEP (252 MW) in Uttrakhand. Also associated with investigation planning and DPR preparation of projects of SJVN located abroad i.e. Arun-III (900 MW) in Nepal, Kholongchu HEP (650 MW) and Wangchu HEP (600 MW) in Bhutan.

He has also done detailed Engineering for:-
Bhaba HEP (120 MW): Power House Complex, Diversion Barrage, De-silting and Storage Reservoir.
Nathpa Jhakri Project (1500 MW) : Power house, support systems of cavities and various hydraulic and Access Tunnel, Concrete Gravity Dam, hydraulic and structural design, slope stabilization, hydraulic model studies, Intake Structure and De-silting Complex, HRT etc.
RHEP (412 MW) : Detailed engineering for Head Race Tunnel, under river crossing , river diversion arrangement, spill tunnel, surge galleries, surge shaft 40 m dia., pressure shaft , penstocks, power house, tail race tunnel & outfall structure.

In-charge of construction of Dam Intake and De-silting works at Nathpa Jhakri Project during 1999.


(B.E. Civil-Retired Chief Engineer From HPPCL)

He has done

  • Hydraulic design, analysis and structural design of barrage of up
    to 25M height for different loading conditions, abutments, under
    sluice, Raft hydraulic design of de-silting basin, Fish ladder,
    Flank walls, statistics analysis, Exit Gradient, Filter design
    sub-surface drainage system etc.
  • Hydraulic and structural design of surface and underground
    Power intake, velocity through Trash Rack and design of opening
    for Power intake, connecting conduits/tunnels to de-silting
    chamber for FSL And MDDL conditions.
  • Surface and underground hopper type/central gutter type and
    vertex tank type De-silting chamber for FRL,MDDL conditions
    and for different Reservoir operating conditions,
  • Design and construction of Piano Key type weir of Sawra Kuddu
    HEP, first of its type in Asia.
  • Conducted Physical model studies of Barrages, power intakes,
    and de-sanding basins of projects under reference design.
  • All type of buildings that include masonry structures, analysis
    and structure design of multistoried framed structures, t beams
    Bridges etc.

Since 2015 , he is with KMN Engineering Consultants Pvt. Ltd.


(B.E. Civil-Retired Chief Engineer From HPSEBL) 

He has more than 35 years of experience in hydel sector. During this period, he has been involved in many hydel projects (big and small). During this tenure, he has prepared  DPRs of Chamera-III(231MW), Nathpa Jhakri(1500MW). He has done Planning and instrumentation for Largi HEP (126MW), preparation of Tender documents and specification drawings of Nathpa Jhakri (1500MW), UHL-III (100MW).Execution of Bhaba (120MW) and Ganwi-II (12.5MW).

Er. Mahesh Chander Verma
Civil Engineer (Contract Head)

A vastly experienced professional with 34 years of service in various key divisions in power generating companies. Mahesh has been instrumental in leading multiple civil contracts and driving cost-estimation in various hydroelectric projects. Few of his other key contributions include liasoning with multiple stakeholders, key report generation & efficient resolution in peculiar hydroelectric projects.

Key Experience

  • Exhibited proficiency in cost estimation of Major Hydroelectric projects
  • Demonstrated expertise in Management of Civil Contracts (10yrs.) –Tendering, Evaluation of bids & Award of work, post award contract Management
  • Monitored Instrument data in Beas-Sutlej Link Hydroelectric Project & publication status report on a periodic basis
  • Significant contributor to planning & designing of key components of Hydroelectric projects

(Electrical Engineer) – System Planning & Distribution
Retired Chief Engineer HPSEBL

He has more than 33 years’ experience in the field of planning, design, erection & maintenance of various hydro projects sub stations, transmission lines, power houses. He has established & maintained state load Despatch centre of HPSEBL. He has dealt with load sanction to various categories of consumers in Himachal Pradesh. He also has experience in power management, scheduling of power of Himachal Pradesh and industrial consumer opting open access.


(Electrical Engineer)-Transmission & Distribution Retired Chief Engineer HPSEBL

He has more than 35 years’ experience in the field of construction, operation  & maintenance of distribution networks & hydro electric power houses.

(Electrical Engineer) Design Head Electro-Mechanical
Ex. Director – Himurja

He has more than 29 years’ experience in design of various Electrical components related to Hydel Projects & has been involved in more than 20 projects, big & small from 1500 MW Nathpa Jhakhri project to 12 MW Khauli hydel project while working in HPSEBL & many other big & small private projects while working in our company.

Er. Arunesh Sharma (B.E. Electrical )
Designs Head (Electrical Works)

He has 36 years of experience in Hydro Electric Projects (construction and design both). He has worked for major projects in Himachal Pradesh. While serving in Himacahl Pradesh State Electricity Board, e.g. Dehar HEP (960 MW), Uhl-III HEP (126 MW)&Larji HEP (126 MW). He also has vast experience in preparing Technical Specification, tendering, evaluation, procurement and inspection of electro mechanical equipment’s. Presently is heading the team involved in Electro –Mechanical works of various Hydelprojects of  the company.

(B.E. Electrical)

He has 25 years of experience in Project Management (Hydro Power Projects), Client Engagements, Design & Detail Engineering – Electrical & Control System, Site Assessment/ Due Diligence Survey (Renovation Projects), Proposal Engineering (Bid & Tendering), Contract Management and Detailed Cable & Layout Engineering. He has worked in Gereshk Hydro Power Project 3×1.6MW as Project Management Consultant in Afghanistan, Likhu-IV (3 x 40 MW), Nepal, Rangit-IV HEPP, Tidong HEPP; 2 x 50 MW Arunanchal Pradesh, India, Nam Jyang Chu- 6×130 MW, Son La (6×400 MW), Vietnam, Ingula Pumped Storage (4×342 MW), Loharinagpala (NTPC), 4x150MW, Srinagar (NHPC), Sorang (2×50 MW), Kishanganga, TapovanVishnugad (4×130 MW), Phata Byung (2×42 MW), Rangit-IV HPP (3×40 MW), SingoliBhatwari (3×33 MW), Rongnichu (2×48 MW), Sainj (2×50 MW), Alaknanda (3×100 MW), Vyasi (2×62 MW), TangnuRomai-I, Bhasme hydro project, Baspa II Hydro Electric Project [3×100 MW], Vishnuprayag Hydro Electric Project [4 X 100 MW].

AMIE (Mechanical Engg.)

He has 48 years of experience in review of technical specification, preparation of bid documents, structural designs and erection of hydro- mechanical component of hydro projects. He has been involved in design of small size gates, hoists and penstocks, preparation of technical specification and specification drawings of gates, hoists, penstock, and procurement of ASTM-A516 Grade 60 BQ plates, inspection of plates and witnessing physical and chemical tests at the factory premises of the main steel producer of : Baner-III, Iku-II, Upper Khauli and Dhrinidhar HE Electric Projects(Each of 5MW) in Himachal Pradesh, Review of technical specifications and specification drawings, technical evaluation of bids and erection of mechanical structures of Budhil Hydroelectric Project (70MW), Teesta-VI Hydroelectric Project (4x125MW), Nathpa Jhakri Hydroelectric Project(1500MW), 16.95 MW Andhra Hydroelectric Project, Rongtong Hydroelectric Project(2.25MW ) and Phata Byung Hydroelectric Project (2x38MW).

(M.E. Mechanical Engg.)

He has more than 40 years of experience in Hydro-Electric Projects, mainly in all type of Hydro-Mechanical works(Planning, Design and Construction). He has worked for many major projects in Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board and SJVNL. He has worked in projects like 1500MW Nathpa Jhakri hydel project,412MW Rampur hydel project, 900MW Arun-3 hydel project in Nepal, 570MW Wangchu hydel project in Bhutan, Kholongchu HEP (600MW) Bhutan, Devsari HEP (252MW) Uttrakhand, Naitwar Mori HEP (60MW) Uttrakhand, Jakhol Sankri HEP (51MW) Uttrakhand and Dhaulasidh HEP (66MW) Himachal Pradesh. Mainly, he has been involved in all these projects for Planning, Detailed structural designing, Tendering and site inspections during construction and commissioning of all Hydro-Mechanical components.



Er Karan (B- Tech Electrical )

He has more than 7 years of experience in the field of electrical transmission lines. He has done planning , design & erection of various transmission line upto 220 KV capacity.



Er Ajay Guleria  ( B- Tech Electrical )

He has more than 7 years of  experience in planning , design & erection of power house , switch gear system & transmission line of various hydel projects in Uttarakhand.


(B-Tech Civil)
Sr. Manager (Technical)

She has more than six year experience in structural designs of various hydel components hydel projects  i/c hydraulic studies , hydraulic designs  of various hydel components, preparation of pre-feasibility reports, specification drgs., FCA , Detailed Project report and tendering works etc. for Kurpan-II SHEP (4.8 mw), Bagipul SHEP (1MW), UHL SHEP(14 MW), Swad SHEP (5 MW), Surah SHEP (1.5 MW), Kandha SHEP (0.4 MW), Neri SHEP (5 MW), Balenikanala SHEP (3 MW), Padhar SHEP (0.15 MW), Balondi SHEP (0.15 MW), Dhanwan SHEP (0.30 MW), Panchpula SHEP (0.80 MW) & around 30 small projects belonging to KREDA, Kargil, J& K.



He has more than 35 years of experience in Survey and investigations works. He has done Survey and investigations of Giri(60MW), Gaj(10.50MW), UHL(100MW), Sawra Kuddu(111MW), Baner(12MW), Throat(3MW), Khauli(12MW), Binwa(6MW), Larji(126MW), Bhaba(120MW) and in addition many other small hydel projects. He was also responsible for the preparation of DPR of above listed Hydel projects.

Er. Ghanshayam Gupta (Civil Engineer)
(CAD Designer Head)

He has more than 30 years of experience in preparation of planning /construction drawings for various big / small hydel projects of HPSEB in Himachal Pradesh. He has also the experience of preparing tender documents i/e estimates for various hydel projects. In addition to this, he has more than 5 years’ experience in planning & construction of various small hydel projects in private sector.

Er. Rakesh Kumar (Civil Engineer)
(Civil Engineer/ Design)

He is involved in preparation of DPR drawings, Tender drawings for civil, hydro-mechanical works & construction drawings for civil & Hydro-mechanical works. He is also involved in structural design of various components of hydel projects. He is associated with BalondiSHEP( 0.15 mw), Padhar SHEP(0.15 MW), Dhanwan SHEP (0.30 mw), Panchpula SHEP(0.80 MW), Balenikanala SHEP(3 Mw), Neri SHEP(5 MW) & around 30 small projects belonging to KREDA, Kargil, J& K.


(B.E. Mechanical)

Over 19+ years Experience in Mechanical,ElectroMechanical & Hydro-mechanical engineering system management, Erection and commissioning of Hydro Turbines, Maintenance of Hydro-mechanical system like different types of gates for dams like radial gates, stop log and sluice type gates(Intake, Draft tube and SFT) etc. He has worked in Hill International Inc.,Afghanistan (Engineering Consultancy ) as ‘Hydro Mechanical Consultant’ , Da Afghanistan Bereshna Shirkat (DABS) as ‘Hydro Mechanical Individual Consultant (International)’,Salal HEP. NHPC Ltd., Chamera HEP, NHPC Ltd.,

(B-Tech Mechanical) Sr. Design Engineer Mechanical

He has more than 3 years of experience in structural designs of various components of hydel projects  i/e hydraulic studies ,  preparation of specification drgs, Detailed project report  and tendering works etc. for Kurpan-II SHEP (4.8 mw), Bagipul SHEP (1MW), UHL SHEP(14 MW), Swad SHEP (5 MW), Surah SHEP (1.5 MW), Kandha SHEP (0.4 MW).

Er. Ankush( B-Tech    Mechanical )

He has around 6 months experience in the planning and design of hydro mechanical components of hydel projects like trash racks , gates, gates hoisting arrangements , penstocks , bends, bifurcation/ trifurcation of penstocks.


(Master Degree in Geology From Punjab University, Chandigarh, India)

Planning and Execution of Geological and Geotechnical Investigation works for various component of hydro power projects. Preparation of Geological Plan and Section along and across the various Civil Structures. Rock mass classification by using RMR,Q-system and GSI. Statistical analysis of field data with DIPS, S-Wedge, Un-wedge and Slide,2-D and 3-D geological logging of tunnels and Under Ground Cavern. Geotechnical Foundation Mapping for Civil Structures, Rock Probe study, Foundation treatment Measures, Drill hole logging, Conduction and interpretation of Permeability test, Construction material survey including Topographical and Geological mapping of Clay/Borrow area and Quarry area, Quantity estimation of various material such as Clay, fine and Coarse aggregate for the construction of various Embankment and concrete gravity Dam. In addition to this assessing suitability by analysing the results of various test pertaining to Clay, fine and coarse aggregates based on Indian standards. Sampling of various rock core and Soil samples for various rock and soil mechanics test respectively. Preparation of various chapters (Introduction, Field investigation, Regional Geology, Geo-technical appraisal of different civil structures like Dam, Spillway, Power Intake, Stilling basin, Tail race channel etc. Seismicity, Construction material survey and Reservoir) pertaining to Geological Volume of Detailed Project Report of various Projects like Mawphu HEP and Kiba HPP.


Master of Science(Geology)

He reviews the geological/geotechnical data available and proposal for further investigation. Geological/geotechnical site report for final design and design for main Tunnel and escape tunnel and surface geological mapping along tunnel alignment. Slope stability and relocation of the portal review and adits according to geological/geotechnical condition. Marking major thrust plane, major discontinuity and impact tunnel alignment and geo- logical mapping for the complete alignment and adits. Wedge failure analysis by intersection of discontinuities with reference to tunnel alignment and report and mapping. Supervision work of construction of tunnel and suggest support system for safe working. Observation and investigation of the geological and geotechnical engineering re- port. Engineering geological and geotechnical model development. Standardization and scope for geological and geotechnical works. Communication related to the geological and geotechnical conditions for interpretation related to engineering purpose. And, any other task as assigned by the Functional Head/Divisional Head.

Master of Science
(Ecology Environment)

He has more than 22years of experience as Safeguard Specialist –Environment, Urban Planning & Biodiversity Expert and involved in various projects of Asian Development Bank. He has been involved in preparation of Screening checklists, EA, EIAs (as required) and EMPs for sub projects in accordance with the environmental assessment and review framework, Preparation of environmental documents for seeking government and WB approvals, Collation and preparation of consolidated monitoring reports for all the sectors, and Oversight of implementation of environmental standards and safeguards as part of project implementation.


(Graduation in Science supplemented by course in Forestry)

He has more than 34 year of experience in varied field of forestry. He has worked in management, conservation, protection of forest & wild life & also for forest department communities in eco-social development. He also has experience in manufacturing & sale of forest products. He also has experience in Sweden’s & Scottish forest & its management.

Ar. Manuj Shardia (Architect)
Sr. Architect

Architect ManujShardia is living in Shimla, since 1989. He is Graduate in architecture from The Indian Institute of Architects, Mumbai University in 2004. He also holds Diploma in Architecture from Sunder Nagar, HP.  He is an active associate member of the Indian Institute of Architects (AIIA) Mumbai and

member of The Institute of Indian interior Designers (IIID). He is registered Associated Member of The Indian Institute of Valuers.

He started his practice in 2000 after completing his diploma. He has successfully designed and executed several Residential, Industrial, Instructional and commercial buildings in Shimla and the state of Himachal. Have participated several events on GREEN BUILDING TECHNOLOGY  held all around India and attended training from TERI GRIHA on GREEN Buildings. Visiting frequently to attend every single event on Architecture held anywhere in India.

(Sr. Architect)

He is a Graduate in architecture from Maulana  Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal. He is involved in providing  architectural services. He has worked in Himachal Pradesh Urban Development  Authority, Himachal Public Works Deptt. and H.P. Technical Education Deptt.

Monika Malhotra ( BSc, LLB LLM )- Law Expert

Retired as Distt. Attorney to HP Govt.

She has more then 30 years of experience  in all type of Civil/ Revenue/ Criminal cases during private practice from 1986 to 1991  , Govt. Job from 1992 to 2016 , in various capacities as Asst. Distt. Attorney , Deputy Distt. Attorney and Distt. Attorney . Presently working for this organisation in addition to private practice since 2016 till date.


Vinod Choudhary ( BA LLB ) – Law Expert

Retired as Joint Director Prosecution to HP Govt.

He has more then 32 years of experience  in all type of Civil/ Revenue/ Criminal cases during private practice from 1986 to 1991  , Govt. Job from 1992 to 2015 , in various capacities as Asst. Distt. Attorney , Deputy Distt. Attorney and Distt. Attorney . Presently working for this organisation in addition to private practice since 2015 till date.


Additional Advocate General of Himachal Pradesh Govt. during period w.e.f. February 2013 to January 2018.

He has more then 28 years of experience  in all type of Criminal/civil writs, arbitration, matrimonial claims petitions (MACT & WC), land
reference, recovery cases before DRT , Consumer Forums, State Commission and Ld. National Commission. Presently working for KMN in addition to private practice since 2018 till date.

Naveen Dev Bhatia (M.B.A)
Sr. Manager ( Liaisoning & Material Management)

He has more than 8 years of experience in material management for hydel  projects. In addition he has vast experience of  liasioning work with various private/ govt. agencies for hydel projects in Himachal Pradesh. He has good expertise in business development & operations in various sectors. He has experience in E-Tendering Process of various states as required by the Company. He has expertise in Procuring Heavy Machinery/ equipment’s for hydel projects. In addition he also gives IT Support to the Company with regard to procurement of Hardware and Software for efficient working.

Madan Kumar ( B.A )
Finance Head

He is a retired Chief Manager from State Bank of India. He has vast experience in financial matter and have excellent liaison with various private/govt. sector financial institutions. He is working in this company since last three years & has prepared complete loan case for three projects under this company. These all cases are under process at various stages.


Tamanna Lakhanpal (C.A, ,
She has more than twelve years of experience in company affairs and accounts.