Involved in Planning, Design & Construction of Hydro Power Projects,KMN Engineering consultants Private Limited provides consultancy at various stages of the project development. A new enthusiastic organization, we carry the legacy of enormous technological capability and success.

KMN, backed by a strong team of experienced technocrats is fully equipped to face the challenging design / construction requirements of the present world in the field of hydro power development.

The engineering group at KMN has the latest design soft wares required for quick and effective design of various components of the project. Several software’s have been developed “in-house” to facilitate the design process.

We provide Services like:-

  • Identification of new hydel projects
  • Preparation of Pre- Feasibility Reports (PFR)
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPR)
  • Vetting, Due-diligence of PFR and DPRs
  • Project Planning/Project management
  • Technical assistance for various clearances for project financial closure
  • Safety evaluation of projects
  • Technical assistance for Survey, Geotechnical investigations & discharge measurements.
  • Tendering, assistance in award-of-works for Civil, Hydro- Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical packages including Transmission Lines for Power evacuation.
  • Detail design engineering for  various open/underground components of Hydel Project, e.g. Diversion Structure, Intake Structure, De-Sanding Basin, Water Conductor System, Surge Shaft/Fore bay, Penstocks, Power House, Tail Race  and other civil engineering structures
  • Vetting and approval of Electro-Mechanical (E&M) and Hydro Mechanical (H&M) works.
  • Procurement of all material for Hydel Projects
  • Periodical site inspections and quality checks
  • Project management including periodical progress review
  • Inspection at works of E&M and H&M equipment and components
  • Assistance for arranging finances from financial institutions for construction of Hydel Projects
  • Assistance for arranging finance from financial institutions for construction of Hydel Projects
  • Design of penstocks/conduits, saddle supports and anchor blocks
  • Design of power house, columns & panel walls
  • Dynamic analysis of Machine Foundations
  • Hydrology and power studies
  • Financial Analysis

In House Soft wares used:

  • Design of trench weirs.
  • Design of intakes structures.
  • Design of de-sanding basin.
  • Design of Tunnel/Fore-bay/Spillways.
  • Surge analysis.
  • Design of penstocks/conduits, saddle supports and anchor blocks.
  • Hydrology and power studies.
  • Financial Analysis.